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PhD in Informatics

The PhD in Informatics is by research where the student, under the supervision of senior faculty, will undertake independent research contributing towards the science of information, the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems. The student is required to complete a thesis research which must constitute a significant original contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the chosen topic. The research can be in a specialized area or across disciplines. Research of inter-disciplinary nature is especially encouraged.

Upon successful completion, the PhD holders take pride in being able to:

Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the chosen discipline and mastery of skills and research methods related to the field of informatics or information technology.

Contribute to original research that broadens the boundary of knowledge through an in- depth thesis, which has been presented and defended according to international standards, including writing in international and local publications.

Career Opportunities

Lecturer, Researcher, Software Architect, Software Engineer, IT Consultant, Technopreneur, and many more

Course Fee : £8400.00

Per Year : £4200.00

Quick Info

  • School: Science & Engeneering
  • Division: IT & Telecom
  • Duration: 2 Years


  • London
  • Malaysia