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Master in Transport & Logistics

The Master of Science programme in Transportation and Logistics offers an opportunity for recent graduates as well as working professionals to venture into the fast-growing and dynamic field of transportation and logistics. There are many players involved directly or indirectly with transportation and logistics, and they operate in areas such as public transportation and mass transit, airlines, airports, ocean shipping, seaports, rail, cargo and freight transport, supply chain management, green and sustainable transportation, traffic control, highway operations, toll operations, and communication and traveller information systems.

Students will be exposed to an array of subjects which will equip them with multiple skills to handle the increasingly complex and interdisciplinary nature of transportation and logistics issues. Students entering the programme can come from any field but must be prepared to undergo rigorous training at MUST to acquire skills in systems design and optimisation, economic analysis, statistical modelling and project evaluation in order to comprehend and solve problems in planning, designing, managing and operating complex transportation and logistics systems. Relevant undergraduate preparation includes engineering, transportation, basic sciences, computer science, information technology, mathematics, economics, management or any other major which includes several of such courses.

Course Fee : £5200

Quick Info

  • School: Science & Engineering
  • Division: Transport & logistics
  • Degree Type: Masters


  • Malaysia