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BSC in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programme prepares students to venture into the dynamically changing field of computing, information management, software engineering, Web applications, computer networking and telecommunications. It provides students with basic and advanced knowledge in these areas.


Students are exposed to real-life working environment through a 3 – 6 months internship with a private sector firm in the final semester.

Affiliated Professional Training Programmes

Microsoft Certification, Huawei Certification, Cisco Certification

Career Opportunities

Programmer, System Analyst, Software Engineer, Database Administrator, Tester, Researcher, Consultant, Trainer, and many others.

Graduate Opportunity

Graduate have the opportunity to pursue a Master in Information Technology/Computer Science/Software Engineering.

Course Fee : £9500.00

Per Year : £3200.00

Quick Info

  • School: Science & Engeneering
  • Division: IT and Telecom
  • Duration: 3 Years


  • London
  • Malaysia