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Bachelors in Business Administration

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programme equips students with a sound foundation in business theories, concepts and principles, while at the same time giving our students practical training in management, marketing and entrepreneurship. The “Student-as-Practitioner” concept is central to all business courses, where students are exposed to real business experiences through case studies, seminars, workshops, company visits and a required industry internship during the final four months of the programme. The carefully orchestrated internship clearly gives MUST graduates a competitive edge in securing a place as well as advancing themselves in workplace.

Our university delivers a competitive business education programme through its highly qualified academic team, who bring years of industry and corporate experience into the classroom. Our aim is not to merely teach business basics, but to motivate students to achieve their full potential. Many of our BBA graduates today work for leading companies while others have pursued advanced studies in Malaysia and abroad. They also have the opportunity to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA) either at MUST or at University of Tasmania (UTAS), our partner institution in Australia.

Course Fee : £9500.00

Per Year : £3200.00

Quick Info

  • School: Business
  • Division: Management
  • Duration: 3 Years


  • London
  • Malaysia